Silicon Valley Gets Ready For Internet Gambling

The high tech industry is betting that internet gambling will be the next multibillion dollar industry and are getting ready by turning casual games into opportunities for adults to place wagers. Currently most internet gambling takes place overseas where the laws are much more rational and liberal. Attitudes towards online gambling in Europe are more… Read more

Casino Interests Oppose State Lottery in Nevada

The record $640 Mega Millions jackpot last week created lottery fever across the country. Many people who ordinarily don’t buy lottery tickets lined up at lottery retailers to take a chance on the record jackpot. In Nevada the huge jackpot caused many in the state to wonder why their state does not have a state… Read more

Nevada Lottery Proposal Defeated-Again!

Nevada is a gambling Mecca that draws gamblers from around the world. Just about any gambling game is available and the state’s economy depends on gambling. Lottery players are out of luck in Nevada. There has been a law on the books since 1864 banning lotteries. As a result thousands of Nevadans cross state lines… Read more

Nevada Legislators Urged to Support Lottery Resolution

Nevada is a gambling Mecca but surprisingly Nevada has no state lottery. Even more amazing lotteries are banned by the state’s constitution. In the past all lottery proposals have failed in the legislature. Many believe the legislature’s reluctance to establish a lottery is because of influence from entrenched gambling interests that feat the competition a… Read more

Nevada Lotto Chances Slim

Nevada, a hotbed of casino gambling, is also one of the few states without a lottery. For years casino owners have been adamantly opposed to the establishment of a state lottery in Nevada.  In areas bordering California Nevada residents cross the state line to play the California lottery along with Powerball and Mega Millions. Las… Read more

Nevada Ponders State Lottery

Nevada remains one of the few states without a lottery. Many are puzzled by this since Nevada allows gambling in every form. Casino operators have long been against the establishment of a lottery and see it as competition. The gambling industry is probably the most powerful lobby in the state and has long kept the… Read more

States Without Lotteries

What 8 States Are Without Lotteries and Why? Despite the fact that lotteries provide a great source of government revenue for state programs, especially education, and a great amount of fun, there are 8 states that currently do not have state lotteries. The states that currently do not have lotteries are: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii,… Read more