Play Illinois lotto online

Play Illinois lottery online In a 13 page opinion dated September 20th, 2011 the US Justice Department concluded that the 1961 wire act did not prohibit states from selling lottery tickets on the internet, that means you can Play Illinois lotto online. The department said that the act only applied to internet communications that relate… Read more

Illinois Lottery Winner’s Estate Settled

Illinois Lottery In Chicago also known “Second City” for us Illinois Lottery City, the estate of a Chicago man who died of cyanide poisoning after winning a $1 million jackpot will be divided among his heirs. The deal bans both sides from pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit unless new criminal evidence is discovered.  The settlement… Read more

A Real Lottery Legend

Rebecca Paul Hargrove is a true lottery legend. She is responsible for the creation of several state lotteries and is currently CEO of the Tennessee Lottery. Paul operated lotteries in several states including Illinois, Florida, and Georgia. In 1986 Bob Martinez Florida voters elected him as Governor. At the same time voters approved the establishment… Read more

Illinois Lottery Manager Seeks Lower Projected Profits

The private company managing the Illinois lottery wants to slash its projected profits by a half billion dollars. The Illinois lottery rejected a request by the company to introduce keno style games. Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones told the Lottery Control Board executives from Northstar Group sent a letter July 29 asking for $556 million in… Read more

Illinois Lottery Privatization Not Working Well

Several states are in the process of privatizing their lotteries. Pennsylvania has one of the most successful lotteries in the United States yet Governor Corbett is pushing privatization. In Illinois lottery privatization has not been successful. Three years ago Illinois became the first state to privatize their lottery. As soon as the process of selecting… Read more

Lottery Privatization Opponents in Pennsylvania Point to Problems in Illinois

A recent news story from Illinois poses questions about Pennsylvania’s outsourcing of its state lottery. The story has piqued the interests of those opposed to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s rush to privatize the state’s lottery. The news story was published by Crain’s Chicago Business and discusses how Northstar Lottery Group LLC did not meet its… Read more

Are Some Lottery Winners Cursed ?

A few years ago TruTV did a program titled “The Curse of the Lottery.” The show detailed the lives of several lottery winners that probable wish they hadn’t won in the first place. Kenneth and Connie Parker had been married for 16 years when they hit it big and win a $25 million lottery jackpot…. Read more

Man Finds $5 Million Lotto Ticket in Cookie Jar

A Chicago man had some serious problems. Ricard Cerezo lost his daughter last year to an unknown disease and was facing foreclosure and eviction from his home. His wife found eleven lottery tickets in a cookie jar while cleaning out their kitchen. One of the tickets turned out to be a big winner and matched… Read more

Illinois Fines Northstar $20 Million

In states with Republican governors privatizing state services seems to be a priority. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania governors in both states are attempting to privatize the state lotteries. In Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett faces a lawsuit by the union representing lottery employees and disapproval from the state’s attorney general. Unfortunately in New Jersey the… Read more

Autopsy On Lottery Winner Reveals Little

An autopsy performed on the body of an Indian born lottery winner who was poisoned by cyanide has not yielded any more significant clues in the case. No cyanide remained in the body of Urooj Khan and decomposition has prevented medical examiners from determining how the cyanide was administered. Khan’s body was not embalmed. Dr…. Read more