New Hoosier Lottery Game Benefits Animal Shelters

The Hoosier lottery has come up with a truly unique lottery game. The Hoosier lottery hopes the new scratch off game will help players become aware of animal adoption opportunities in the state and the importance of spay and neuter programs in the state. The new Lucky Dog scratch-off game features photos of ten dogs… Read more

Salon Workers Settle Lottery Dispute

Money can do strange things to people and can break up the strongest friendships. In Indianapolis coworkers at a hair salon fought over a $9.5 million Hoosier lottery jackpot. A hair stylist claimed she won the whole jackpot and refused to share it with other members of the salon’s lottery pool. Eight hair stylists pooled… Read more

Hoosier Lottery Expanding Ticket Sale Hours

Recently the Hoosier lottery was privatized in hopes that a private operator could bring in more revenue for the cash strapped state. The privatization move generated a lot of controversy when it was proposed and faced stiff opposition from some quarters. Recently the private operator of the Illinois and Hoosier lotteries was fined $20 million… Read more

Judge Freezes Disputed Hoosier Lottery Jackpot

A dispute over a Hoosier lottery jackpot is now in court. Seven Indianapolis hairdressers are trying to claim their share of a $9 million dollar Hoosier lottery jackpot. The dispute broke out after Christina Shaw claimed that she had purchased the winning ticket with her own money. The group of hairdressers had been playing the… Read more

Hairdressers Fight Over $9.5 Million Hoosier Lottery Jackpot

In Indiana things got very ugly at a local hair salon. The dispute is over a $9.5 million Hoosier lottery jackpot. One of the hair stylists claims the entire jackpot belongs to her but the other hairdressers say they pooled their money to purchase the winning ticket. Because of the dispute a Marion County judge… Read more

Life After A Big Powerball Win

Just about everyone has dreamed of winning the lottery at one time or another. Despite the long odds people do win and there are many stories about lottery winners who were successful and winners who lost it all. Roy and Barb Hamer of Leesburg, Indiana hit it big in September 1999. Barb described the moment… Read more

GTECH Lands Hoosier Lottery Contract

The Hoosier lottery board has hired a private firm to take charge of marketing, sales and other functions. The state is hoping the firm can produce $2.1 billion in additional revenue through 2028. The Hoosier lottery picked GTECH which is based in Rhode Island. GTECH also provides services to the Illinois lottery and also provides computerized game… Read more

Hoosier Lottery Privatization Vote Due October 3rd

Several states have privatized their lotteries with mixed results. In most cases sales have increased due to more effective marketing by private operators. This week Hoosier lottery officials met behind closed doors to evaluate proposals of two private companies to take over marketing, sales and distribution for the Hoosier lottery. Lottery officials hope that a… Read more

Hoosier Lottery Director Discusses Outsourcing

Hoosier Lottery. Executive Director Karl Browning said in a statement that the Indiana lottery will not outsource any operations if bidders do not meet the state’s high standards. The Hoosier lottery director released the statement after a spokeswoman for Camelot Global Services, which operate the UK National Lottery, told The Indianapolis Star it dropped out… Read more